Mizufes2016 for English

Date: 3rd September
  10:00 (gathering time)
  11:00 (outbreak of water war)
  17:00 (End of the water war)

 Odaka Ryokuchi Park
 ※Please take a train or take a car together with your friends.
  There are not so many car parking there.

the summer war that even an adult can enjoy
team competition

・Early ticket
  Men : 5,500 yen
  Women : 3,900 yen
・Advance ticket
  Men : 5,900 yen
  Women : 4,500 yen
・Day ticket
  Men : 6,500 yen
  Women : 5,000 yen
・Child ticket
   0-6 old : Free
  7-12 old : 1,500 yen
  13-17 old : 2,500 yen

※All ticket with 1 drink ticket,official towel,water guard pouch of smart phone.
※You need 1000 yen when you admission,because it costs pool fee (lockers and shower room are available) .
※You only can buy one ticket of each.
※You need bring your water pistol.

Dress code:
 Men : swimming costume、Cosplay、T-shirts、shorts etc….
 Women : swimming costume、Cosplay、T-shirts、shorts etc….



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